Marriage is about man, woman and children. As it has always been. Any Australia wide party that repudiates this, does not want to govern and rejects tradition and the working class.

Cardinal George Pell

“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela


The "Our Children at Risk" brochure:

must read for every parent and civic leader. You can read or print a copy here. You can also check the sources at

It's scary - to sensible people that is!

asm-logo-200Why I support 'S4M'.
1. I am same-sex attracted,
2. I know the larger agenda,
3. I love LGBTQ people, AND
4. I want parents and >kids to know what I was denied

This is why I created and offered my support to this website, Peter Madden and his Truth Truck for Children mission. I did this because homosexual marriage dethrones culture's guardians of marriage, family and government, replacing them with a new and politically empowered sexual elite. It is the thin edge of a devastating wedge - AND THOSE WHO PUSH FOR IT KNOW THIS!!

If Aussies knew the flow-on effects, they would fight it like they should. This is an assault on your home and your child sexual health. Honesty and courage is needed!

Please ...

1) Become informed, here, at my site and elsewhere)

2) Talk to friends (BREAK THE TABOO THEY'VE CREATED!!) and

3) Demand character and wisdom from your politicians.

Redefining marriage gives selfish people THE KEY TO THE LOCK on your child's classroom. Self-absorbed adults (though sometimes well-meaning through a lack of knowledge) will then teach your children lies, supress truth, sexualise them ever earlier and encourage them in experimentation and diversified behaviours. You will not be allowed to intervene!! All this now happens in the U.S., Canade and Europe.

Increasingly, even homosexuals warn of the unavoidable flow-on effects! This is bad for society, children and even them. They're speaking out!

Visit to learn more (while you still can)

Why have only 5% of nations tried this "marriage re-defining"
experiment? Why are so many nations and states moving so
decisively to protect themselves against this cultural trend?

Find out WHY on this website!

And while considering whether or not we should follow these 5% of nations, please keep in mind that 70% of these nations have an age of sexual consent of 15 years or lower. Three of them stop protecting their children at the vulnerable age of just 13 years.


Some call these irresponslble laws 'progressive'? LGBT activists esteem these nations as bastions of freedom. History, common sense, ethics, morals and intuitive wisdom would say these are not signs of health, but rather signs of sexual anarchy and exploitation.

As Nelson Mandela said well, “There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

What we are asking is, do you see such laws as 'progressive'? Do you believe they offer a wise example to follow? Do you believe they provide responsible and safe boundaries for children's growth and development? These laws should alarm you and what redefining marriage will empower should alarm you more!

Please invest some time to read and research this site and  .... and then tell everyone you know ... especially your politician EXACTLY what you think.