Within the space of a decade, something that humanity believed for thousands of years has become a form of bigotry, a form of hate, something you aren’t allowed to express in public life. That extraordinary shift in intolerance is something all small liberals, like me, should be worried about. Gay marriage is not a liberal issue; it has a deeply illiberal streak!  -
Brendan O'Neill, Editor of Spiked Online
(Q&A, August 17, 2015)

“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela



Our Children at Risk


A must read
for every parent
and civic leader.

You can read or print
a copy here.

Redefining marriage gives dangerous people THE KEY TO your child's classroom. You will not be allowed to intervene, as now happens in the U.S., Canade and Europe. Learn more while you still can.

The reason people are silent on, or quietly affirming homosexual marriage is that they don't understand the consequences

And it isn't their fault. There's a cover-up going on ... but you can help them understand ....

Our Children At Risk Brochure

The "Our Children at Risk" Brochure

Help put this brochure into the hands of people acros the nation:

  • Download a copy to share with others.

  • Leave them in community locations and on noticeboards.

  • Distribute / deliver them on your street, your locale, your suburb, your church, your school, your sports club. Be the difference where you are.

  • Sponsor hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of families. We'll also send you a "Thank you" and tell you what locales or streets were impacted by your sponsorship (or your organisations sponsorship). Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for info.

  • Organise a team to love on a suburb, school or location. Make a day of it, delivering together and being the difference your community needs. Please email us the location after you're done so we can avoid double distribution).

  • You can sponsor distribution:

    $1 can sponsor (on avg) 11 households

    $10 can sponsor (on avg) 110 households (up to 280 teens and adults)

    $100 can sponsor (on avg) 1,100 households (up to 2,800 teens and adults)

    $1,000 can sponsor (on avg) 11,000 households (up to 28,000 teens and adults)

    $10,000 can sponsor (on avg) 110,000 households (up to 280,000 teens and adults)