Within the space of a decade, something that humanity believed for thousands of years has become a form of bigotry, a form of hate, something you aren’t allowed to express in public life. That extraordinary shift in intolerance is something all small liberals, like me, should be worried about. Gay marriage is not a liberal issue; it has a deeply illiberal streak!  -
Brendan O'Neill, Editor of Spiked Online
(Q&A, August 17, 2015)

“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela



Our Children at Risk


A must read
for every parent
and civic leader.

You can read or print
a copy here.

Redefining marriage gives dangerous people THE KEY TO your child's classroom. You will not be allowed to intervene, as now happens in the U.S., Canade and Europe. Learn more while you still can.

When you control the children you control the culture and the future. As in other nations, schools will become the primary means of change to influence young children in order to normalise sexual experimentation, erotic diversity and promiscuity as well as breaking down gender norms and family structures.

Here is what has happened overseas:

Schools in Massachusetts (the first U.S. state to approve same sex marriage) are now overwhelmed with books and programs to affirm, normalise and promote sexual diversity. The thought re-engineering begins from kindergarten with "Who's in a Family", a book that breaks down family structural norms. Six year olds read "Best, Best Colours"; which normalises having two mums. The book "King and King" is read to eight year olds, which normalises homosexual desires; it includes pictures of two men kissing and marrying.

Primary and high school libraries are now abundantly equipped with books that normalise homosexual behaviour and lifestyle, many with explicit and pornographic content.

"The Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century" is a pornographic guide book that was given to school students 14 years and older. Printed with government funds, it had pictures of semi-erect pen-s-s, explicit guidance to help boys perform or-- sex, mas-----te other males and "safely" urinate on each other for se-ual ple--ure. It also explained other sex acts that would likely horrify you; acts we will not speak of here. It also included a list of Boston bars where homosexuals meet for anonymous sex. Just what every 14 year old boy needs to know!?!

U.S. teachers can freely share their beliefs and practices with students e.g. A lesbian teacher in Massachusetts with her 13 year old students. When interviewed about this, she said she speaks as routinely and as explicitly as she desires. When challenged she said, "Give me a break. It's legal now'". She has also told her students about vagi--- inter----se using s-- toys. Her actions were sanctioned under same sex marriage laws.

School assemblies are used to celebrate same sex marriage in Massachusetts. Highly influential LGBTQ speakers are invited and their materials are distributed amongst students.

A cross-dressing guest speaker spoke to a Third Grade class on the topic of "Different Types of Families". A parent who protested was told their complaints were "inappropriate."

School LGBTQ Celebration Days are now commonplace further confusing students understanding of gender issues and contributing to cross-dressing and transsexualism.

In New South Wales, high school teachers must already both celebrate erotic diversity and deny conscience. This will be far, far worse under same sex marriage legislation!

This is what awaits us all ... unless YOU tell your Federal politician:



The safety & health of children tops every other voting issue."