Within the space of a decade, something that humanity believed for thousands of years has become a form of bigotry, a form of hate, something you aren’t allowed to express in public life. That extraordinary shift in intolerance is something all small liberals, like me, should be worried about. Gay marriage is not a liberal issue; it has a deeply illiberal streak!  -
Brendan O'Neill, Editor of Spiked Online
(Q&A, August 17, 2015)

“There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela



Our Children at Risk


A must read
for every parent
and civic leader.

You can read or print
a copy here.

Redefining marriage gives dangerous people THE KEY TO your child's classroom. You will not be allowed to intervene, as now happens in the U.S., Canade and Europe. Learn more while you still can.

Many Australians have seen first-hand how government legislation can overrule a parent's rights. Usually these powers are placed in the hands of social service workers who now, like teachers, are expected to comply with the ideologies of erotic diversity.

Here is what happened overseas and can be expected here if SSM becomes law:


Schools do not have to notify parents when LGBTQ lessons occur and parents may not remove children from such lessons.

A parent was jailed and banned from his own son's school after demanding the right to be notified of LGBTQ classes and the right to take his 6 year old son out of them.

Federal Judges (USA) ruled that in states where same-sex marriage is legalised, a "school has a duty to normalise homosexual behaviour". Expect the same here.

In Canada, employees have lost their jobs simply for tweeting support for traditional marriage or denying a cross dresser access to a female change room.

Churches and non-profits have lost (or elected to lose) tax-free status as in good conscience they would not rent out facilities for SS 'marriages' or support SS adoption.

In Sweden, a pastor was sentenced to prison for a month for offending homosexuals in a sermon. The Bible is not yet hate literature, but will be once SSM laws run full course.

The "tolerance level" of restaurants and bars is "tested" by activists displaying inappropriate sexual behaviour on site.

This is what awaits us all ... unless YOU tell your Federal politician:



The safety & health of children tops every other voting issue."